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Visual Comparisons (v2.0)

In 2021, I started a brand-new, from-scratch version of Visual Comparisons. Version 2.0 will be straight comparisons between the Team Negative 1 HD release of their scans of original prints and a copy of the 2020 Blu-ray release of 19SE, presented in full HD images. These will not contain changes made from one Special Edition to another, just between theatrical and the “final” Saga Edition of the films.

Thanks to Team Negative 1’s 4K83 project being based on a “1983 35 mm Eastman Kodak Showprint of RETURN OF THE JEDI“, with every frame being from the original release, I started with it.

I have classified each change into one of the following categories:

Addition: All-new or unused shot from original production. (Jedi Rocks)
Modification: Original shot with new/modified effect. (Ronto)
Recomposite: Original shot with recomposited effects. (Hoth Battle)
Removal: Shot is no longer in the edit. (Lapti Nek)
Trim: Shot is used in edit, but trimmed. (frames cut)
Wipe: Redone wipe, either digitally or optically.
Credits Change: A typo or grammatical error in the credits was corrected

Here is a straight comparison of just the “Jedi Rocks” sequence, going through every shot and explaining where it came from. You can find the gallery below.

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