Visual Comparisons (HD Branch)

In 2010, I started a project to upgrade the official comparison images that were extreme low resolution to something closer to high definition. Using a frame-synchronized side-by-side edit of an upscaled version of the 2006 Bonus Disc theatrical cuts and a downscaled version of the HDTV preservation of the 2004 Special Edition, I quickly found that the official list was hardly comprehensive. Over the next 8 or 9 years, with the help of others on the forums, I ended up expanding the image count by almost 3 times and, through research and observation, corrected the original captions.

In 2019, Disney released George Lucas’ final edition. This 4K version utilized the “original” negative as a base (that is cut to the theatrically released 1997 version) and redid (almost) all of the changes/fixes made in what I now call the “HD Branch” of the Special Editions. Below you will find the Google Photos Albums for every changed or modified shot in each movie.

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