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The Blu-ray Edition (11SE)

The 2011 Blu-ray was based on the same scan as the 2004 DVD. There were a few additional changes from the DVD, now known to be early drafts for the changes to the 3D versions, which found their final versions in the 19SE.

Overview of the major changes made from the 04SE:

  • Rocks were added in front of R2 hiding from the Tusken Raiders.
  • Greedo shoots first was adjusted from the 2004 version, cutting most of the frames where Han and Greedo hesitate before shooting at one another.
  • Sparks were added to the Cloud City trash incinerator.
  • A reflection of the passing Cloud Car was added to the Cloud City window in behind which Leia paces.
  • The door to Jabba’s Palace has a zoom camera movement into the droids.
  • Han being unfrozen has new light beams.
  • Wicket and a couple Woklings have replacement eyes and blink in some scenes.
  • Death Star lightsaber core elements, missing from the 2004 versions, have been replaced.

Release formats:

  • DVD
  • Blu-ray Disc
  • HDTV
  • Digital Cinema Package (limited theatrical showings, including showings up to 2020)
  • Digital Copy (Fox logo removed from ESB/RotJ [“15SE”] until replaced with 19SE)
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