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The DVD Edition (04SE)

The 2004 DVD was our first glimpse into the HD Branch. The “original” negative (actually the 97SE) was scanned at 1080p and had a new color grading put on it by ILM. After a new layer of effects and fixes, it was sent to Lowry for a month-long cleanup.

Overview of the major changes made from the 97SE:

  • The landspeeder flyby entering Mos Eisley was redone again.
  • Greedo Shoots First is modified to adjust how close together Han & Greedo fire.
  • The 1997 Jabba scene was redone using an updated, more articulate, model used in the prequels.
  • Most of the remaining lightsaber effects were redone.
  • The Emperor hologram was redone using Ian McDiarmid.
  • Mirrored Imperial officers have their rank insignia digitally moved to the correct side.
  • The Rancor scene was recomposited to eliminate matte lines.
  • Naboo was added to the Special Edition ending celebration.
  • Sebastian Shaw as Ghost Anakin was replaced with Hayden Christensen.

Release formats:

  • DVD (full screen & widescreen)
  • HDTV (widescreen & 16:9)
  • Digital Cinema Package (limited theatrical showings)
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