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Special Edition Archive

I’ve decided to share some of the archive of Special Edition articles and videos I’ve compiled over the years.

Special Effects: Anything Can Happen [Star Wars Section] Transcript (1996)

JOHN LITHGOW: [shots from Return of the Jedi] In 1977, George Lucas created Star Wars. When the Rebels battled the evil Empire, a new era of special effects was born. JOHN LITHGOW: [crew riding to set in dune buggies] Today, George Lucas is at it again. He’s sending a film crew into the Arizona desert.…

Anatomy of a Dewback Transcript

DAVID TANAKA: I remember Star Wars came out when I was in elementary school. And one of the key things that I remember my friends talking about was this is a really cool creature. The point that would always be brought up would be that, “Wouldn’t it be great if we actually saw that move?”…

Making Magic CD-ROM Transcript

George Lucas: “Why A Special Edition?’ [talking head] GEORGE LUCAS: Whenever you do something that’s creative, and you end up having to rush through it and finish it before it’s really completed the way you’d hope it be, it bothers you. And so, there were a lot of things in Star Wars that bothered me…

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