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Special Effects: Anything Can Happen [Star Wars Section] Transcript (1996)

JOHN LITHGOW: [shots from Return of the Jedi] In 1977, George Lucas created Star Wars. When the Rebels battled the evil Empire, a new era of special effects was born. JOHN LITHGOW: [crew riding to set in dune buggies] Today, George Lucas is at it again. He’s sending a film crew into the Arizona desert.Continue reading “Special Effects: Anything Can Happen [Star Wars Section] Transcript (1996)”

Special Edition VHS/Laserdisc Featurette Transcript

Italics indicate Laserdisc edit only. VHS edits notated. ANNOUNCER: In 1977, producer-director George Lucas created the Star Wars Trilogy and changed the way we looked at movies. Now 20 years later, using new digital technology, Lucas and his creative teams at Lucasfilm, THX, Skywalker Sound, and Industrial Light and Magic have completely restored, enhanced, andContinue reading “Special Edition VHS/Laserdisc Featurette Transcript”

The Lost Art of Star Wars

The current version of the “Original” Star Wars Trilogy available is only the most recent version of the Special Edition. This version has shots that completely replace or obscure paintings, models, or effects that the original artists worked hard on a deadline using technology they were sometimes inventing to complete. While some of the SpecialContinue reading “The Lost Art of Star Wars”

List of Academy Awards for The Original Trilogy

Star Wars Won Academy Award for Best Art Direction Won Academy Award for Best Costume Design Won Academy Award for Best Film Editing* Won Academy Award for Best Visual Effects* Won Academy Award for Best Original Score Won Academy Award for Best Sound* Won Special Achievement Award for Sound Effects Editing* Nominated for Academy AwardContinue reading “List of Academy Awards for The Original Trilogy”

Greedo Shoots First, Take 4: Maclunkey

The most obvious changes to the 4K Master is the Greedo scene, per usual. In the previous study, we only compared the actual Special Edition-created two-shot. The 4K version has modified the previous and the following shot, which we’ll get into. So now, immediately after Han’s “Yes, I bet you have” threat, we have aContinue reading “Greedo Shoots First, Take 4: Maclunkey”