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Greedo Shoots First

This is a preservation of the Twitter thread showing the changes through the 2011 Blu-ray. The Disney+ version can be found here.

Greedo shoots first. (1997/2004)

The new shot is 19 frames long. Greedo seems to be in motion while Han is a manipulated static image. Greedo shoots on frame 4, Han doesn’t return fire for 8 frames, then shoots again 4 frames after that. (Notice how Han’s hand’s shadow moves)

The DVD version uses the same 19 frame sequence. Greedo does the same motions, however the bolt leaving his blaster has been moved to frame 10 in the shot (with new smoke and ricochet FX).

Han now returns fire 2 frames later (at the same point from the 97SE shot) & shoots again 4 frames after that. The same static image of Han has been manipulated in similar ways & now has some interactive lighting on his face.

For the Blu-ray, the first 8 frames from the 04SE version have been cut, along with the last 3, leaving just Greedo shooting and Han returning fire 2 frames later (with 1 frame from Han’s second shot).

I believe the wide shot used for the Special Edition shot was coverage of Han shooting Greedo in the original film shoot (Han’s shadow moving on the wall in 97SE being when Harrison pulled the trigger on set).

In the end, Lucas saying that it was “cobbled together” from “close ups” is false. The shots of Han shooting Greedo were unchanged from the Jympson rough cut. He had the time & technology to use this exact wide shot back then (if Greedo had ever fired on set).

Saying that the fans got the wrong impression of Han for 20 years or implying that they’re bloodthirsty is insulting. Lucas either changed his mind or wanted an excuse for ILM to see if they could make a shot like that look good.

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