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“A Long Time Ago” Preface Changes

This is a preservation of the Twitter thread. The 2019 4K Version reverts the preface cards to their 1997 state.

I started really looking at the preface cards & wanted to make some observations that don’t really fit in with the daily use of this account. Here are all of the currently released Episode prefaces:

You’ll see that the Original Trilogy cards were replaced in 2004 with the Episode 2 card, with Episode 1 & 3 being different sizes. What’s interesting is the new movies & the font they use. The “g” has less of an aggressive serif at the top, among other things.

So here is a comparison of how the preface has evolved. It appears that the prequels changed the font from what ANH had been changed to in 1997 to this new font, & starting with The Clone Wars, they started bringing it back closer to the Return of the Jedi version.

Also, while the Sequel Trilogy has returned to using the ANH/ESB font in the title line of the crawl, it seems they’ve attempted to recreate the Return of the Jedi preface font.


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